Pattern Review – New Look 6913 (2nd time)

Remember that pretty little Marc Jacobs geo print fabric I picked up in New Orleans a month and a half ago? Well, I turned it into a sweet & light blouse for summer.

I’ve used thisNew Look pattern before with a satiny fabric (you can read my previous post here), but have been wanting to try it again with a lighter cotton. I think it turned out pretty nice. The only tweaks I made were bringing in the sides a bit and shortening the hem. Though, I’ll probably still hem it up a bit more so it hits just at the top of the belt without bunching.

Works great layered with a 3/4 sleeve cardigan.


I really like the capped sleeves and yoke detail on the front, though you can’t really tell because my fabric has such a busy pattern. Which is weird, because when I shop for clothing, I normally choose solids or subtle patterns, but for some reason when it comes to choosing fabric to sew up myself, I apparently choose loud, busy patterns. I’m sure there’s an underlying meaning there, just not sure what it is!
Pattern Review – New Look 6913 (2nd time)
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