Pattern Review – New Look 6913

This past weekend, instead of working on my new calendar designs and about a million other things I actually needed to do, I decided to try my hand at sewing something from an actual pattern. I’ve been collecting them for awhile now, but finally realized they were just going to continue to pile up until I just jumped in and made one… so I did!

I thought this shirt was a super cute pattern (I’m such a sucker for cap sleeves), and I had some silky fabric in my stash already, so I went for it.


It was a bit more difficult than I’d thought, what with the slippery fabric that pressing had no effect on whatsoever!! But I learned a lot of basic stuff, like the difference between easing and gathering, what stay stitching is and how important it is to cut out all the alignment notches. I also ended up bringing the side seams in a bit, it’s quite empowering to stray from the pattern and still have it come out alright. And I must say, I’m quite proud of the finished neckline, that quarter inch binding caused me more than a few gray hairs, I honestly don’t know how it came out so even!

I’d love to make this shirt again with fabric that isn’t quite as shiny, and with a more subtle print. Or maybe a solid, I think the stitching and construction is interesting enough to hold it’s own. But all in all, I’m not only happy with how it came out but ecstatic that I finished a project! That’s one less “half-done” to feel guilty about not finishing, and totally gives me the confidence to start a new pattern!
Like one of these three amazing dresses:
classy and sweet
edgy and cool

Macaron dress by Colette Patterns.
Sample shown here was sewn by persephassa.
It’s a tough choice, which do you think?
Pattern Review – New Look 6913
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