Reversible Box Tote Finish

A while ago I decided that the ginormous tote I was using for emma’s diaper bag just wasn’t cutting it anymore and decided to make something a little more suited to my needs. I really needed something smaller and more open, something where I could access the interior easily with one hand and not have to unzip or unsnap anything to get in.

I also have this things with handles and straps… I don’t like too many of them, they’re always getting in the way when I’m trying to get inside the bag, or they fall in and I have to pull them out and they get caught on whatever’s inside.

When I stumbled across the Reversible Box Tote by veryshannon I knew it was perfect, and bonus of bonuses… free! I first saw it on Julie’s blog(Intrepid Thread). It’s just the right size and has a single central handle so there’s easy access on either side. And the handle stands up on it’s own and doesn’t fall into the bag, yay.

It’s very easy to make, with just one pattern piece for the bag/lining and rectangles for the pockets. I made mine with a patchwork pocket using some of my new emma’s garden fabrics against white canvas for the exterior.

I used one of my favorite fabrics from the line, bee damask as the interior, and honey hive in lime for the pockets.

A couple of emma’s teachers even asked me where I got it (big smile) and were interested in how to get one of their own. Which makes me think, wouldn’t these make great gifts? They’re pretty quick and could look pretty different depending on which fabrics you used and whether or not you incorporate patchwork or piecing into them. I think a monogrammed pocket would be a nice touch!

goofy pic of me modeling my new tote

Here’s to a fabulous weekend, it’s supposed to be really rainy here in the Houston area, but I find that sometimes that makes for a more productive weekend!

Reversible Box Tote Finish
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