WIP – Mystery Motif Quilt

love long weekends when we stay in town, I not only can get so much done, but I feel like I can organize and plan the rest of the week better. Don’t get me wrong, I love vacationing too, and have a wonderful little cross country road trip to the east coast planned this summer, not to mention a bunch of beachy projects to prepare for it, but more about that later.

This post is for me to revel in the fact that I completed one of the four projects I started this weekend, and a rather time consuming one at that, and I still have two whole days left! I dropped it off at a local shop to have it quilted and will finish the binding by hand when I get it back. This will be my first time not doing the quilting myself on my own sewing machine. I’m quite excited to see one of my quilts that doesn’t have a gazillion puckers… and I got to pick out a pretty, organic quilting pattern, no straight lines here.

The quilt top is something I came up with myself, and apparently the motif is not as obvious as I thought it was. Here’s a hint, they’re not arrows as a friend so helpfully suggested (you know who you are). Please  feel free to take a stab at guessing yourself, I’ll be interested to see if I’m way off or not! I’ll post the final quilt in a few weeks when I get it back and finish the binding.

Now, I’m off to do what any respectable Houstonian would do when it’s stinkin’ hot outside… go ice skating!
WIP – Mystery Motif Quilt
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