Saturday, November 5, 2016

Quilt Market 2016 Wrap up

This year's Quilt Market was so great and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth and to all of you who followed along and gave me love on my instagram feed!

My booth also won an award... 2nd Place for Single Booth. Sure makes all the hard work and stress worth it, I tell ya. Each year at the height of preparing and setting up I tell myself this is the last year I do it, but once it's all completed and I stand back I know I'll be doing another one! (It also helps to have a handy husband and lots of fabulous makers.)

Along with my fabrics, I have some free quilt patterns coming out soon on Michael Miller's website before my collection release in mid February. And there will be a few special giveaways along the way, so keep an eye out on my IG feed and here on my blog for more details.

One of my giveaways will include a large box of coordinating Aurifil threads in 50wt! 8 Modern brights and 4 neutrals to go with both my Bake Shop and Main Street fabrics.

Here's a little more detail on the individual prints in 'Bake Shop' and 'Main Street'. The two colorways, Sugar and Spice, actually started out as a single colorway before I broke them up until two smaller colorways, so they blend seamlessly together.

Soft and subtle, the low volume neutrals in 'Main Street' are perfect for backgrounds or to substitute for white or near-solids neutrals. Use a single pattern all over or mix them up for a scrappy look.

Stay tuned for more info. on the giveaways!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Collections Debut - Bake Shop & Main Street

I'm not going to even get into how long it's been since my last post, but, it doesn't mean I haven't been busy, it just means I haven't been posting about it! One of those busy things has been working on two new, related collections for Michael Miller, Bake Shop and Main Street, which debuted at Fall Quilt Market this weekend here in Houston, yay!!

As the name implies, Bake Shop is full of delectable decorated cakes, donuts and macarons in a bright, modern color palette tempered with deep navies and rich golds and cinnamon.

The accompanying Main Street collection contains all low volume fabrics (yassss) including charming handdrawn storefronts and hand-written receipts! I'm ridiculously excited about it, too. I've been wanting to do a low volume collection for awhile now and it's finally here!!

I've been posting lots of pics over on my instagram feed of my booth and all the fabulous projects in it, so hop on over there and check it out. And if you're at Market, stop by and say hello, I'm in Booth #2634!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall Quilt Market 2015 - Into the Deep

Y'all I have a new fabric collection coming out in January!! It's called Into the Deep and it just debuted at Fall Quilt Market right here in Houston!

But, more on that later, right now I want to talk about my booth.

One word pretty much sums up this year's Market for me... wow! I was so busy I didn't get to walk around and soak it all in. I didn't eat lunch the first day until almost 3 o'clock! But, it was awesome and I'm so glad a lot of you stopped by to say hi since I wasn't able to make the rounds.

A lot of time and effort went into my booth this year, instead of hanging drape I enlisted my husband to make hard walls. I'm so glad we did. It was a ton more work, and a ton more anxiety not knowing how it was going to turn out until we actually did it, but when it was all up and in place, I couldn't have been happier!!

I'll have many more details and credit to come, but for now, here's a quick peek of how it turned out.

I was pretty proud of the shelving rack that the hubs and I had to construct from scratch because IKEA ran out of the one I had my heart set on! 

Okay, so you may have already seen this dress on IG, but here it is again in all it's mermaid-y glory. Brilliant design by Alyssa Holub!

And lastly, me with some of the lovely ladies of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild, most of whom helped make samples for my booth. Seriously, folks, these guys are soooo talented.

Make sure to check back for more details and links to patterns and templates for the projects in my booth. Including a fabulous giveaway!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Birds and the Bees blog Hop - Geranium Dress

I've always wanted to combine my love of quilting with garment sewing, so when my fellow Michael Miller fabric designer, Tamara Kate, asked me if I'd like to sew something up for emma with her newest collection, I immediately said yes!

Her newest collection is called Birds & the Bees and it's just fabulous!

Look how gorgeous these colorways are.

This one's called Ladybug.

and this one is Blue Jay.

I really wanted to incorporate piecing into the garment and once I decided on the Geranium dress by MadebyRae (another one of my all time faves), the bodice seemed like the place to do it. I also decided since emma is a lot more active now, that I would make the shorter, tunic version.

(You can check out another Geranium dress I made for emma with my Les Amis fabric here.)

I spent a little bit of time deciding how I wanted to piece the bodice, and a whole lot of time picking out which of her lovely fabrics I wanted to use! Both colorways are gorgeous, but in the end, Blue Jay won out. You can see more photos of both here.

I chose a herringbone design for the pieced section, and a super luscious Cotton Couture solid on the rest of the bodice so the piecing would really stand out.

The rest of the tunic top is one of my favorite prints from the collection, "all the wee beasts" in magenta. I absolutely love how it turned out! I chose to make the sleeveless version, and with pleats instead of gathers, because it seems just a tiny bit more grown up. I mean, emma is over 2 years old, now. :)

And because I've been slack in breaking out the camera these past few months and documenting her ever changing self, I took a LOT of pics. 

With her favorite bunny-bear.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my Birds & the Bees project (and subsequent emma-fest). I can't wait to do more sewing with it.

Head on over to Tamara Kate's blog to see who else is making super cute stuff with this collection!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Olfa Designer Spotlight for June

Hello everybody! I've got a free project tutorial up on Olfa's website for their Designer Spotlight series for June and it's perfect if you're looking for a little summer refresh.

I designed a fun table runner using Michael Miller's luscious Cotton Couture solids in an ombre aztec pattern of teals and aquas, my favorite colors. Head on over there to check out the entire project and the free tutorial!

And while you're there, be sure to check out the previous designer spotlights!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Festive Forest Quilt & Free Pattern

Hello everybody! It's been awhile since my last post (understatement of the year), but I'm really happy to finally be able to share one of the projects I completed during my hiatus.

It's a holiday quilt I designed around the newest collection by my fellow Michael Miller fabric designer, Tamara Kate, called "Festive Forest.

But, first, I have to gush a bit over how cute these fabrics are... don't they make you want to start your Christmas sewing right now?

Of course I love the foxes with their charming striped shirts, but check out the partridges and ornaments hanging from those deer antlers! 

The colors are definitely christmas-y, but with a fresh twist. I've always loved lime green, pink and aqua together, and the forest greens and reds complement them perfectly.

So, what kind of quilt does one make with a fabric collection called "Festive Forest"?

Well, a tree quilt, of course. 

I designed three different paper pieced tree blocks, all the same outer dimension, that you can mix and match how you like. I used a lot of Cotton Couture solids as well, in addition to white on white polka dots which I thought were quite appropriately reminiscent of wintery snowfall .(But, I think this would be adorable in woodland fabrics, too!)

The back was the perfect place to showcase this awesome large scale forest fabric, "Winter Woods", and big chunks of my other favorites, as well.

Besides being made of just about the most darling fabric ever, this quilt is especially dear to me because it's the first example of something I've free motion quilted that was larger than 18" square. And it wasn't horrible, in fact, I quite enjoyed it. I did an overall stipple on the patchwork tree center and a sort of concentric ornament-y shape and waves along the outer borders.

Head on over to Michael Miller's website to download your own free copy of this pattern complete with paper piecing templates! 

To see more crafty goodness made with Festive Forest check out Tamara's blog for links!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Badge Holder Tutorial

I sewed up this badge holder for Quilt Market this weekend and thought I'd share a quick tutorial with you all.

It was inspired by a badge my friend Felice made, who was inspired to make hers based on one our other friend Stephanie made. I love the idea of a protected, zipper compartment for my cash/credit cards, but I also wanted a pocket on the backside to keep my phone for easy access. And as I'm notoriously bad with damaging my phones, I decided to quilt my fabric pieces with layers of batting instead of using interfacing.

Here's what you'll need:
Clear vinyl (mine is from Joann's, in the upholstery fabric section)
6" zipper (or larger and cut it down)
Seam allowance: 3/8"

Here are all the parts:

1. Quilt and cut out your various pieces of fabric and plastic.
You can quilt your fabric before you cut your pieces or after. I quilted mine after and there was a tiny bit of distortion/shrinkage after quilting but these pieces are so small that with a 3/8" seam allowance it didn't really make a difference after all was said and done.

Front top: 5.5" x 1.5" cut 2 fabric, cut 1 batting (quilt these together)
Front base:5.5" x 5.5" cut 2 fabric, cut 1 batting (quilt these together)
Front Pocket binding: 1.5" x 5.5" cut 1 fabric
Clear Vinyl: 5.5" x 4.5"cut 1
Back: 5.5" x 6.5" cut 2 fabric, cut 1 batting (quilt these together)
Back pocket: 5.5" x 5", cut 2 fabric, cut 1 batting (quilt these together)
Back pocket binding: 1.5" x 5.5" cut 1 fabric
Necks strap: 1.5" x 21"

2. Prepare your double fold binding. Take your pocket binding pieces, and wrong sides together, press them in half lengthwise. Now open them up and press each long edge in towards the center line you just pressed.

3. Prepare your double fold neck strap. Follow the same instructions as above, but finish by top stitching close to the edge on both long sides.

4. Attach bindings to front and back pockets. Using the bindings you made in step 2, take the one you want for the front clear pocket and sew it to the top edge of the plastic piece. Make sure to sew close to the edge as shown in the assembly diagram. Do the same thing for the back pocket, sewing the binding to the top edge of the pocket piece.

5. Zipper assembly. I found this to be much easier than sewing a zipper into a pouch. The zipper I used was actually twice as long as necessary, so I just lined up the head of the zipper 3/8" in from one edge of the pouch (just this side of the seam allowance) and let the end trail off the other side. It eventually gets cut off.

Take the top front piece and line it up face down against the edge of the face up zipper. Sew a line as close to the teeth as possible. (I used my regular foot for this and had no problems, but you can obviously use a zipper foot, too.) Press the fabric away from the zipper and top stitch close to the edge. Repeat with the bottom fabric piece.

5. Add neck straps, assemble layers and sew together! Take your neck strap and line up two ends with the top of badge front and tack edges in place by sewing a line of stitches 1/8" from edge. Then layer your clear pocket on top of the zippered piece and make sure the neckstrap is safely away from all seam allowances.

Assemble back pieces and lay face down on top of front pieces. Helpful Hint: make sure your zipper is OPEN, you will be turning your badge holder right side out through this opening, you will be very disappointed if you don't remember this step! :)

Now simply sew along all four sides with a 3/8" seam allowance, clip your corners, zig-zag the edges and turn inside out. Gently poke out your corners with the handle end of a paint brush, a chopstick or any thin but blunt tool and you're done. Now go tackle that trade show!

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