Monday, October 20, 2014

Finish - Kitty Mini Quilt Swap

I think this might be my favorite swap so far, the Kitty Mini Quilt Swap hosted by my friend, Felice, of SewScatterbrained.

my Puddy posing with the mini quilt top.

My partner, Sue Mariotti, aka suesewcrafty on IG, (who has since received her package, so I can show you all here) said her favorite colors were green blue and yellow and I thought those colors would work well as a  gradient for the background... so why not sew together itty bitty 1" squares, that'll be fun right?

I'm not sure if fun is exactly the right word, but it definitely was satisfying to finish it and see all those squares come together just the way I imagined it.

There were moments when I was piecing it together where I second guessed my choices. Was the cat going to stand out enough or would it look like a jumbled mess?? I've worked on projects before where I changed course halfway through, to mixed results. I decided to just follow through with my original plan and if it didn't turn out the way I expected I could make a new one. Luckily, I loved the end result!

It's just how I pictured it and if I hadn't already embroidered Sue's cat's name onto the banner I might be tempted to keep it. :)


  1. how cute is this!! love love it! love the way you made the pink nose and mustaches!!

  2. Thanks, Sophie! That little loopy fabric was too perfect for his muzzle!

  3. This is the best mini of the swap! I adore the gradient background and tiny piecing.

  4. It is wonderful! I must make one for myself .... my kitties are all stuffed or quilted or such as my sweet husband is allergic.

  5. This is so cute! Where can I find this pattern? Or did you design it yourself? Thanks!


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