Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fractal Quilt Block

I hope you're all having a lovely Labor Day weekend! Mine's been pretty productive so far, I finished and posted my first pattern on Craftsy yesterday. It's a large-ish foundation paper pieced quilt block called Fractal, and includes templates for both 12 in and 16 in versions. It all came about from a mini quilt I made for a mini quilt swap for my local Houston Modern Quilt Guild. I posted some pics on instagram and got a lot of feedback requesting the pattern, so voila.... I made one!

you can find the pattern here.

I am so bad at remembering to take pictures before I ship them off, but here's a rather grainy pic I took of it on my mini quilt wall before I gave it away.

One of my pattern testers, karriofberries, made it up into a super sweet rainbow pillow.

This is my original sketch which I posted on IG back in July.

One of the comments I received was from Mary Claire (@splendorfalls on IG) who rather astutely observed that it looked like facets on a gemstone (yes!), so I mocked one up... 

hello sparkly emerald!

My husband has been bugging me to make him a quilt that's big enough to fit under on the couch (I tend to make a lot of lap and baby sized quilts unless it's for Quilt Market because the little ones don't seem so daunting), but all the ones I've already made are really girly and sweet. So, I mocked it up how it might look as a quilt and dang if I don't think it would be perfect for him; geometric, clean, non-floral and non-pink! In fact, I've been itching to make an all solid quilt for awhile, so this just might be the one. 

What are some favorite masculine, or at least not-ultra-feminine quilts you've made or seen?


  1. This pattern has been added to my craftsy wish list - fingers crossed I may get to make this for an upcoming swap.

    1. oh yay, I hope you do! I think it' a great pattern for swaps. :)

  2. Congrats on your first Craftsy pattern! I really like the gemstone idea!
    Your pattern is on my To-Do List!


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