Friday, January 31, 2014

Dolly for Emma

I've been seeing some really darling dolls on Pinterest lately and decided I wanted to make one for emma. I found this cute tutorial and pattern from I really liked it, but her clothes were sewn on and I wanted my version to be completely dressable. So, instead of using patterned fabric on her body I used skin colored fabric and made a separate dress for her. I also changed up the face a bit and added some extra details. I'm pretty excited about how she and the dress came out.

Her dress is sort of a working prototype since I've never sewn anything this small, and never without a pattern. This was the result of my third attempt. The bodice and skirt were pretty easy, but I ran into trouble trying to attach separate sleeves. Then I realized they didn't need to be separately attached, I just added them into the bodice and voila! I did end up finishing the sleeve edges by hand since they were so tiny, and I made one side gathered just to see which I liked better. (I'm kind of on the fence.)

The seam showing on her neck is where I would've attached patterned fabric if her dress would've been sewn on like in the tutorial. In retrospect, I probably don't need that seam anymore and could cut the head and body out of one piece of skin colored fabric.

I also gave her white socks to go with her Mary Janes. I actually folded and hemmed the top edge of the socks before sewing them directly on to the legs to make them seem more real, as opposed to sewing the white fabric to the skin colored fabric not overlapping. (does that make sense?)

and gave her a pink hand-stitched heart...

then personalized her by hand-stitching her name into the back of her underwear!

I must say that doll making could easily become a new addiction (I've already started a new one)! There are so many ways to customize her,  from her shape to her facial features to her hair, and with her being dressable, there are so many little outfits and accessories I can make for her. There'salso a wealth of shops that sell doll-sized notions, like little buttons and itty bitty crocheted trims... ahh the cuteness!. I've always had a thing for miniatures, like my need to collect demi-tasse cups. Maybe little emma can have a tea party with her dolls and my demi cups when she gets a little older!


  1. how cute!! love hte heart detail and sweet hair!

    1. Thanks, Sophie! I can't wait to use some of your darling buttons on the next one.


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