Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pattern Review - Sunki Dress by Figgy's

I love this dress pattern by Figgy's! And the leggings (scroll down to see them), oh my gosh, so cute.

It's called the Sunki Dress and there are so many chic details like the overlap on the shoulder, the cool side panel pockets and the top stitching. It seemed a little intimidating at first, but it's really not too hard.

The only real challenge I had was the side panel, but there are lots of hints and tutorials online with additional photos and instructions to help clarify. I found this one by Figgy's and this one by Charm Stitch to be the most helpful.

The fabric is by Jo Morton, not really sure what it is but it reminds me of fireworks. I think the heathery gray leggings with gold metallics dots look sophisticated and festive with it. My only complaint is I that have to wait until my little 11 week old baby girl is 18 months so she can wear it!! 

The little leggings sewed up in like half an hour, which was surprising. All I needed were a ball point (jersey) needle for the sewing machine, and a walking foot, which if you quilt you already have. Okay, there is a third thing, but most of you probably already have it, the capability to sew a zigzag stitch on your machine. There is an actual specialty stitch for sewing knits that's similar to a zigzag, but my machine doesn't have it and the zigzag stitch worked just fine.

You can also check out this wonderful YouTube video tutorial by The Crafty Gemini that goes over sewing with knits and shows you why you need the walking foot and why you use a zigzag type stitch.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pattern Review - Geranium Dress by Made by Rae

I've been taking a break from designing this past week and tackling more sewing projects, how could I not when there are so many cute patterns available for little girls?

I really love this Geranium dress by Made by Rae. It was a pdf pattern I purchased from her online, which though I prefer a printed pattern that I don't have to piece together, you really can't beat the immediacy of pdfs, especially since I'm more home bound these days with the little one at home. And luckily, pattern pieces for babies and children are much smaller and therefore have less pieces to cut out and piece together, so these went together in a snap. I found the dress as a whole easy to put together and a quick sew.

The only issue I had, and this has totally to do with my skills (or lack of skills) was finishing the raw edge on the flutter sleeve option. The instructions called for just a zigzag along the edge. But, I think I'm the world's worst zigzagger!. I'm never sure if the zigzag is supposed to go just to the edge but not over, or just over the edge... I usually end up with part of the edge bunching up and rolling under or over with little threads sticking out everywhere like a bad haircut. But, for whatever reason, it doesn't really bother me on this little dress, in fact, I think it lends a rather naive charm.

I used the Faux Bois Peach fabric from my Les Amis fabric collection for Michael Miller for the exterior and the Bitty Buds for the lining. I also added a silk/satin flower brooch I'd made that was left over from an idea for baby shower favors I had back in March. It was just the right color!

All in all, I love this little dress and plan to make many more.

If you're looking for cute children's clothes or handbag patterns, definitely check Made by RAE out. I also purchased the Parsley Pants pattern from her and can't wait to sew them up!

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