Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby Patterns

I'm really testing my New Year's Resolution lately, which is not to be so hard on myself if I'm not as productive as I think I should be. Actually, I've been really busy and productive, I just haven't been able to get any of it posted! So, I'm just going to post a few at a time until I get caught up.

In preparation for our little one getting here soon, I've been trying out new baby patterns and using some of my new Les Amis fabrics for Michael Miller.

Socks the Fox is one of my favorite fabrics from the collection and I love how this little romper turned out! I'm showing you the back view because the buttons are so cute. If I make it again I will add buttons to the front as well. Can I tell you this was my first time making button holes? I usually avoid patterns with buttons like the plague, preferring even invisible zippers to them. But, that just goes to show you how fear of the unknown can really make you irrational.

Once I dug out my machine's sewing manual and did a few internet how-to searches, I was making button holes like a pro. Honestly, if I'd known it was going to be this easy, I'd have tried patterns with buttons sooner. But, I have to give most of the credit to my sewing machine which has an automatic button hole stitch, it even measures the width of the button for you when you pop it into the back of the special foot. Anyhow, the pattern is Kwik Sew #K3776, and it also includes a dress version and little bloomers.

Next up is a pattern company I've been dying to try... Oliver + s. Their packaging is so cute, their Quilt Market booths adorable, and oh yeah, their patterns are a-dorable too. I actually bought three of their patterns, but this one is their Ice Cream Dress.

Could those notched pockets be any more charming? And there are so many ways to really customize this dress just by mixing up your fabric choices. Search "Ice Cream Dress" on Pinterest and you'll see screen after screen of all kinds of super cute inspiration.

I have so many more projects to show you, a lot of them using free tutorials out there on the web, so stay tuned.

And I promise it won't be 2 months before I post again!! :)

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