Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baby Shower Living Room Makeover

I'm lucky enough to have two great friends hosting my baby shower, one a fantabulous baker and the other a meticulous planner. So with them taking care of the organization and sweets, I can focus on what I enjoy doing... decorations and designing paper goods.

I figure before I get too far into all the little stuff like ribbons and paper pom-poms, cake flags and glitter garlands, I should get the bones of my living room in order. My shower colors are pink, gold and natural, so all the blue in my living room has got to go!

Since I need the dining room chairs for extra seating, I made some girly, flirty seat covers with some white canvas and a bunch of leftover pink butterfly fabric from my Bella Butterfly collection. (I'm definitely getting a ruffler foot attachment for my sewing machine after making six of these babies!)

Much better, right?

Now on to the couch. Once I removed all the existing pillows from the couch, it was pretty naked, so I decided to make some quick, modern pillows out of white cotton and gold brocade fabric. These are so fast I'm going to fill the entire couch with them. One part glitz and two parts fun!

I already have pale pink table runners and sheer pink table cloths that I had made for my wedding so now I can really focus on the decorations. I found a ton of ideas and inspiration all over the web, especially on Pinterest, so look for some giant tissue paper flowers and super fabulous fabric flower favors next (say that five times fast!)


  1. This may be the do-all shower. Built by Aquapeutics, this computerized luxury shower unit has LOTS of neat features:

  2. If they are able to shower alone, you only have to secure them in the shower chair and you can have the peace of mind that they will be safe by themselves.


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