Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Special Delivery!

There was a sweet little package waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday! Wanna' see?

Yup, I was the lucky winner of an adorable book of stickers from Amy King over on her Shiny Orange Dreams facebook page.

It was presented so prettily that I felt like it was my birthday. Can't wait to put these babies to good use!

Amy also has some stellar fabrics that you can see (and order) as yardage in her Spoonflower shop. Here are some of my favorites, but you'll really want to check out her entire shop!!

Linear Love 

Jungle Love Crocodiles

Rainy London Clouds

Thanks for the awesome giveaway Amy!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sugar & Spice...

Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit restless it helps to do something productive, something with little chance of failure... like sewing up a quick project I've made before. So, I decided to sew some simple little girl's dresses. One is a pattern I used to sew samples for my first Quilt Market booth back in October of last year from PinkPoodleBows. The other is a new pattern from the same etsy shop, but equally easy to follow. I finished both in a single sitting (if you don't count running to Joann's to pick up some more 1/2" elastic) and vanquished my restlessness in one fell swoop, aren't they adorable?

The Abigail Peasant Dress, find it here.

On the Peasant Dress above, I modified the original pattern to add a contrasting stripe down the center of the front, using fabrics from my Bella Butterfly Collection for Michael Miller. You can see versions of it that follow the original pattern, with and without the optional bottom ruffle here.

The Madison Dress, find it here.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pretty Bow Clutches

It rained most of last weekend, so it was the perfect excuse for a guilt-free sewing spree! And when I saw this amazing sewing tutorial for a super chic bow clutch from Whitney over at elmstreetlife I knew I had to make one... okay, maybe more than one, maybe more like FIVE!

I started out with just two, made out of some of my original Spoonflower fabrics I had left over from other projects. 

"Houndstooth" fabric available here.
(I opted for the cotton-linen canvas)

"Soft Ikat" fabric available here.
(again, I opted for the cotton-linen canvas)

The next day I brought them into work to show the girls, and after hearing them ooh and ahh I decided I needed to make some more and experiment with some different types of fabric. So I went home and whipped three more up that night... 

Duck/canvas exterior/Kona cotton lining

Small wale corduroy exterior/Spoonflower Kona cotton lining
"Ikat Damask - Gray Skies" available here.

Silk Dupioni exterior/Spoonflower Kona cotton lining
(This would be fab with a solid satin lining too)
"Soft Ikat" available here.

I think the corduroy version is my favorite, it's soft and kinda' slouchy, but still chic. Of course I love that robin's egg blue color, so that might be swaying me a bit too. The silk dupioni would be perfect as a wedding or bridal party accessory, maybe with a solid satin lining that matched the bride's colors? 

I still have a few variations I'd like to make. One friend suggested it would be really nice made out of leather.... leather! Of course, maybe with some added hardware where the strap connects. I've never really sewn with leather, but I think it's about time.

What's your favorite?

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