Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP - Pillows for My New Studio

Okay, so it's been a loooong time since I've posted anything, and I can't believe it's almost March! My husband and I have been completely immersed in the process of purchasing a new house and preparing our current house for market. But, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and now comes the fun part... dreaming up what to do with all the rooms, and my new studio space! That's right, my own studio space, just for all my sewing and art stuff. I've never really had one before, I've always just commandeered the kitchen table, or the china hutch, or all the available shelf space in the master bedroom... I think my husband is as happy about my new studio space as I am.

Anyhow, I knew I want my new space to be bright and cheery with lots of color, so when I ran across "Washi Tape" by Rashida Coleman, I knew I had found my inspiration. I love the hot pink, bright yellow and gray together and had no trouble finding coordinating fabrics to go with it so I could get to work sewing up some pillows for my comfy new space.

Here's how far I've gotten so far...

I made the pillow on the far right using a pattern
from one of Anna Maria Horner's books, "Handmade Beginnings"

I can't wait to make more stuff with these fabrics,
here's a breakdown of what I used.

Clockwise from top left:

Washi Tape in Beige by Rashida Coleman
Leaves in Warm by Helen Dardik (Too Muchery Collection, love that name)
Botanika Gray by moi (Spoonflower)
Star Flower Fuschia by Rashida Coleman (Washi Collection)
Solid Colors I had in my stash
Ghostly Squid Damask Small by moi (Spoonflower)
Sweet Spots Pink, also by moi (Michael Miller)
Spring Buds in Mustard by Lotta Jansdotter

I hope to have many more pillows done before move-in!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Foxy Fun Finished

So here are some of the finished foxes from my last post. The screen I had made to complete my fox blew out except for a perfectly round area in the middle during my last class, so I scrapped the idea of layering prints and just decided to draw on them with colored pencil.

I think they turned out pretty neat, here are some individual shots.

I definitely plan to do some experimenting with screen printing on my own. I bought some screens, emulsion and inks, and my sweet husband offered to make a light box and printing station to fit whatever space we decide to use for it.

I ran across this lovely photo the other day while surfing the web, from Jin Kim's sewing/crafting studio space Common Thread. A sewing studio with a screen printing area... so darling and not all industrial looking. Complete with cat bowl, a woman after my own heart. This would be an amazing space, I'm so inspired!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Foxy Fun & Happy Accidents...

Well, I finished the quilt I gave you a sneak peek of last week, but I'm still working on getting some good pics of it, so here's a look at a little something else I'm working on in the mean time...haha, turns out it's a work in progress too!

I thought it might be nice to get out of my little box and try something different. So... I signed up for a short (3 session) screen printing class. It's taught by a local artist in a studio that's a bit like a skinny storage attic, and we all huddle around a shopping cart that's been turned into a make-shift exposure unit and printing station (sounds crazy, I know).

I wanted to print a fox and make them into pillows. (You can see I'm still not venturing that far from my comfort zone yet). Here's the original drawing I made on tracing paper using my trusty technical pens. But...

... you know those projects that doesn't quite turn out the way you planned? Turns out when I went to draw directly on the plastic, my technical pens didn't work. I had to use a Sharpie, so my artwork ended up with thicker lines and less detail, but I was still on track with my pillow idea...

or so I thought!

Introducing Mr. No-face Half-a-Fox, haha...

Ugh... all those fur lines, gone! I was initially disappointed, but then I realized that this was exactly what needed to happen. I took this class to get out of my comfort zone, but here I was still trying to do the same thing. Now I was being forced to do something different. So, I printed him on paper instead, and then... then, the ideas started flowing, I could do so many things to it. I could draw on top of it, print another screen over it next week in a new color maybe, collage it, paint it, stitch on it... whatever I wanted.

So now I have four half-fox prints waiting to be experimented on, and next weekend after my final class I will show you the final results... good or not so good. You won't want to miss it!
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