Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sugar & Spice...

Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit restless it helps to do something productive, something with little chance of failure... like sewing up a quick project I've made before. So, I decided to sew some simple little girl's dresses. One is a pattern I used to sew samples for my first Quilt Market booth back in October of last year from PinkPoodleBows. The other is a new pattern from the same etsy shop, but equally easy to follow. I finished both in a single sitting (if you don't count running to Joann's to pick up some more 1/2" elastic) and vanquished my restlessness in one fell swoop, aren't they adorable?

The Abigail Peasant Dress, find it here.

On the Peasant Dress above, I modified the original pattern to add a contrasting stripe down the center of the front, using fabrics from my Bella Butterfly Collection for Michael Miller. You can see versions of it that follow the original pattern, with and without the optional bottom ruffle here.

The Madison Dress, find it here.

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