Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spoonflower Contest - Handdrawn

Yay! I managed to enter a design into one of Spoonflower's weekly fabric design contests, that makes two in as many months (which is pretty sad considering I used to enter almost every week). I'm still peeved I let last week's Retro kitchen theme slip by me, but I'm looking forward to seeing who won when they announce the top ten tomorrow.

Anyhow, here's my entry for this week's theme, Hand drawn, I named it ever-so-subtely "Big Blooms" and you can view it as yardage here. I really like this theme because I'm a big fan of illustrations that are done by hand, they have so much character. I also like when the theme is specific to a particular media (like pen and ink) or style (like hand drawn), because sometimes we're forced to stretch a bit and work outside our comfort zones, surprising ourselves with what we come up with.

Having said that, this week's theme was right up my alley, so I don't know how much stretching was actually involved. Not to mention that my design is a floral, so not the most innovative motif, though I tried to do it in a more modern way... did I mention how much I love drawing flowers? But, aside from my personal preferences, I had a practical reason too, I wanted to design something I could sew a summer  dress out of. I think this will print up nicely on the organic sateen.

"Big Blooms" original fabric design

Spoonflower voting starts tomorrow around noon, see you there!

(click here to go directly to the voting page.)


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