Thursday, May 24, 2012


I've been in the mood to work on new stuff lately... so what did I do? I started four new projects, even though I should be finishing up a pretty big pile of WIPs. I'm pretty excited about them as they're all inter-related, and while I don't have any one of them quite ready to show yet, here are some hints...

Oh yeah, and did I mention I won 2nd Place in the "Handdrawn" Spoonflower contest? For a day that started out with being sick and ends with a trip to the dentist in a few hours, I'm actually feeling pretty good right now! Thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments and who voted for my design!!

The fine folks over at Spoonflower posted this photo of the actual printed fabric. You can order some for yourself or view as yardage on their website here.

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