Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Sweets

Today was our Easter-themed dessert potluck day at work, and our resident cake genius, Lynda Che, made this amazing, funny bunny basket cake (inspired by this one in a barrel). I think it's cute how Lynda adapted it into a basket using ladyfingers instead of kit kats, and I love the marshmallow rope handle (see photo below).

I'm not exactly sure who originated the idea of the sunflower cake I made, but if you google it you'll find loads of images. Here's one on Taste of Home's website. Traditionally, it's an iced cake, but I made mine with a cheesecake and it's soo easy. All you need to decorate it are peeps and chocolate chips, minis for the center and regular chips for the outer. If you have the time, and the patience, and maybe an exceptionally tiny pair of tweezers, you could place each individual chip face up in concentric circles for a truly magnificent effect, but it still looks nice just quickly sprinkled on. And as an added bonus, I found the peeps were the perfect size to sit neatly atop each slice.

I had some left over peeps, so I made some quick bird nests out of candy melts for them to sit on and sprinkled some colored sugar on for added color. I just used a ziplock bag with a hole in the corner, but I imagine you could make them a bit more realistic with a decorator tip and a pastry bag. ooh, and wouldn't they be sweet with little twig leaves here and there?

Maybe next time!

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