Sunday, April 1, 2012

All Moved In, But Still a Mess

wow, I really need to get on the ball so I can stop prefacing my blog entries with apologies for how long it's been since I last posted!!

As the title suggests, we're finally all moved in, but everything's still a mess. I've only used my sewing machine once (and at the breakfast table at that), and still haven't unpacked about 95% of the stuff in my new studio. The internet's not hooked up to my mac yet and my big square fabric shelving unit is still at the other house because it wouldn't fit through the doorway. Looks like hubs will have to take it apart, move it, then put it all back together again here, what a saint.

Sooo, since I don't have any arty, crafty goodness to share, I thought I would post some spring-y pics from my new place. I've always wanted an orange tree and now we have two. They're along side the driveway, so every time I get in or out of my truck I get to smell their lovely blossoms.

There are lots of rose bushes around the front and side, and a little pond off the back. Just last weekend we saw a duck leading a group of little ducklings across our back yard, half of them brown and the other half bright yellow, I can see I'm going to have to keep my camera handy.

There's also a rather large conglomeration of mysterious bush/trees growing in the back yard against the garage. When we first looked at the house they were just bare branches, and we had no idea what they might be. We distributed the photo and heard everything from rhododendrons to chinese magnolias to fig trees.

Now, a mere 3 weeks later, they're fully clothed in green and I can officially tell my mom that she was right, they are fig trees. Can't wait to give fresh figs to one of my co-workers (Lynda, I hope you're reading this), the most fabulous baker I know, besides my mother, so she can whip up something amazing... and share with everyone at work, of course. :)

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