Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spoonflower Stash

In preparation for moving I've been going through all my craft supplies and misc stuff to see what I could pack up early or possibly donate, the less I pack the less we have to move! But, when I got to my fabrics I got sidetracked by all the beauties in my Spoonflower stash.

There's such an abundance of unique and glorious prints available on Spoonflower that when I see something I like I just buy it. Sometimes, without realizing it I've purchased prints that coordinate so wonderfully together that I wish I could take credit for doing it on purpose! Here are four such fabrics destined to be together.

See individual pics below for links to each fabric

These are all printed on the linen-cotton canvas,
wouldn't they make a wonderful set of tea towels?
Or maybe a fabulous carry-all tote or set of pillows,
I'd love to hear your ideas!

"Mush_Gold" by Antonio Amanda
(also available in other colors)

MoveNYC by Chad Grohman

"Numero Uno" by Heather Dutton

"Floating Across the Tops of Cities (New York B&W)" by Leighr

Another pic of them all together... yum!


  1. I think a set of pillows where you mix the prints on each pillow (not all four in each necessarily) would be very neat. If you're a place mat kind of gal maybe a set of place mats out of them with napkin rings too? Then you could see each print laid out in all it's glory.

    1. Great ideas Jill, I hadn't thought of place mats or napkin rings. I think just napkins would be neat too, maybe with a contrasted border.


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