Monday, January 2, 2012

Spoonflower Softies

I sewed up some softies this past holiday weekend, all made from cut & sew fat quarter kits created by Spoonflower designers. The first two are a duo designed by Victoria Lasher, and inspired by an Edward Lear poem, "The Owl and the Pussycat". Aren't they adorable? I love the way she textured the fur and feathers on both, simply charming.

A Lovely Pussycat by Victoria Lasher

The Owl, an Elegant Fowl by Victoria Lasher

I chose to have them printed on the quilting cotton, but I think they'd be even better on the sateen. 

And then there's "Toothy" by Samarra Khaja, you might remember my post about him previously for the Softies for Mirabel toy drive. Well, as promised, here's a pic of him all sewed up on the linen-cotton. I love that the backpack opens up for you to put a tooth in, and it's already filled with goodies... what a riot!

Toothy the Tooth Fairy by Samarra Khaja

But, wait, there's more... when you order a whole yard, you get four different colorways of him, and they're all adorable!!

Or, maybe you feel like trying your own hand at designing one, here are two that I made to give away as baby gifts this Christmas.

Sweet Puddy, based on my Kitty Kawaii fabric and modeled after one
of my own sweet cats.

Fashionable Fox & Acorn, based on my Forest Friends fabric.

These are but a few of the really neat and totally unique cut & sew softie kits available on Spoonflower.  To find more, try going to their website and searching for "kit" or "softie". Don't forget they also have apron kits, doll kits, clothing kits, you name it. So, get out there and explore!


  1. Thank you Patty for the lovely comments about my Owl and Pussycat. Your pictures of them are charming, especially the owl sitting in the tree. And thank you also for linking to the design pages.

    Samarra's "Toothy" and your "Puddy" and fox, are also darling.

  2. You're very welcome, Victoria. I've had my eye on them for awhile and was so excited when they arrived in the mail, I could hardly wait to sew them up!

  3. They did turn out nice, I like how dimensional they are. I'd like to see some of your new gators fabric turned into softies, I think they'd be awesome!

  4. hello
    just found you through SPOONFLOWER! Glad to be following your blog!

  5. Hi Patty
    I found your designs on Spoonflower and would like to know if you do custom fabric designs but I can't find your email address anywhere so here is my email address I would like to know how it works and costs etc.

    Cheers, Jennie

  6. Hi Jennie, you're right, I just realized my email was nowhere to be found on here, (oops, so glad you told me) but I have now remedied the situation. I'll be sending you an email shortly! :)

  7. Hello! I've been looking at the owl on Spoonflower, so I loved seeing your beauty. I have seen "quilting weight cotton" written about everywhere, but it isn't listed on Spoonflower when I look there. Do you know what they list that as now?


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