Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First post... check!

Okay, I swore I'd never have one of these darned things, or rather, that I just didn't have time for one, but looks like I'm gonna' have to eat my words! I've got a bit of the first blog jitters and just want to get this done and out into the blogosphere, so here it is... my inaugural blog post!

(and yes, I realize that the amount of time I've spent pondering it is completely unjustified considering the one or two people that will possibly see my first post or my first ten. That includes you, dear, supportive husband, and yes, you will also be expected to subscribe to my blog, just like I made you like my Facebook page, follow me on Spoonflower and heart me on etsy!)

So, why now? Well, I love to draw, I absolutely love designing fabric, and I love to sew. What better way to share these loves than with a blog. I also have some new & exciting things happening in my life and I like the idea of catalogueing the journey... so, this here's my little addition to the creative pot.

I hope you check back soon to see what I'm up to!
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