Friday, December 30, 2011

A Brooklyn Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! One word and one word only sums up my holiday this year.... magical. And it was a first for my husband and I to spend it in New York, though we've often dreamed of how wonderful it would be.

We usually gather in Maryland where the majority of my family lives, but this year my brother and his wife invited us all up to celebrate in Brooklyn, and to say we jumped at the chance is an uderstatement. This was the first time they could accommodate so many people, and while their previous one bedroom apt was charming, their almost renovated brownstone is a bit more practical for all 11 of us to stay in!

My brother and his wife's amazing place... I really should post pics of the "before".

On Christmas Eve we spent a delightful afternoon wandering the Brooklyn Botanic Garden which was within walking distance of the house. The grounds were magnificent and I can only imagine how splendid they are in the spring.

Looking through the Osborne Garden toward the main entrance, an inside view of the
white trellis and arbors in the Rose Garden and a lovely twisty tree. 

Patrick Dougherty's sculpture "Natural History".

Outside in the lily pool terrace I was surprised and delighted to find the following plaque honoring a local business right here in Katy, Texas where I live:

Nelson's Water Garden.


After walking the grounds, it was a nice respite to explore the indoor Pavillions, which housed plants in different temperate environments. 

Bonsai Museum

Desert Pavilion

We returned home to a big Christmas Eve meal consisting largely of Swedish dishes... homemade potato sausage and lutefisk with white sauce (for those of you not familiar with the latter, I don't know what to say except google it). No herring this year, but it was sorely missed by most. My sister-in-law's family was also in attendance, I think 18 people is a proper house-warming party!

I can see I'm obviously going to have to break this holiday post up into sections so I don't drown you in pictures! I haven't even gotten to our time spent in Manhattan, (including the garment District where I bought lots of fabric), the amazing view from the High Line, or wandering around the Brooklyn Library and Park Slope neighborhood.

To be continued... 


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures :)

  2. Wha? and you didn't call me!?!?! :D Sounds like you had a blast! Woohoo!

  3. Well hello Stephanie! It's been so long, is it weird to say you look the same but older? Well you do, you look great!

    Samarra, does that mean you were in town for the holidays? Eeek, I debated whether or not to spring an invite on you at the last minute, drat... I always make the wrong decision!! Next time for sure, I'm pretty sure I'll be in New York again before you're ever in Houston. :)


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