Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pattern Review - Simplicity 4243 Baby Dress/Romper

Bug Jars Romper
So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the patterns I used for the samples in my Quilt Market booth. The little girl's dresses were super easy and quick, but the boy's romper was definitely a bit more challenging!

I used Simplicity Pattern #4243, which is labeled "easy-to-sew", but as a beginner, I did hit a few snags (again, probably due to my novice-ness). I found the hidden zipper a bit of a challenge to sew in after the back seam was already sewn together, and the instructions for the turned up sleeves were a bit hard to follow. But in the end, after a day's worth of work, I think it turned out rather cute and I love, love, love the pleating details on the front.

I had a much easier time with the dresses. I used a Pink Poodle Bows Pattern with and without the bottom ruffle, I could make these all day! I have three more Pink Poodle Bow Patterns just waiting to be made up into sweet dresses when I get a spare moment. Definitely check out her etsy shop, it's chocked full of great patterns!

Peasant Dresses


  1. Oh woo! I am in love with your fabric. Love to hear more about what its like to be a textile designer.

  2. I love the 'stuff maker' description! And when you admit difficulty following some pattern instrucions and construcion techniques you empower the rest of us to slog ahead and try it too. Thank you...the boy's romper is great!
    Randi Daeger

  3. Oh good, that's exactly how I feel! I figure, regardless of my skillset, just slog ahead anyway... experience is the best teacher!!

  4. I love backyard baby and the boy romper. I think I will make a quilt for the new baby thats being born in Feb. There are lots of lovely fabric for girls but it is hard to find for boys and your is awesome. I like your honesty on following sewing patterns, I cannot make clothes worth a darn but I can quilts. Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks so much Lisa, a baby quilt sounds darling, I'd love to see it when you finish. Happy New Year to you as well!

  6. a really easy baby romper (sleeveless) that I make over and over is 'mini mover' from the brand 'sew little'.

    1. Thanks for the tip Rachael, I'll definitely check that one out.


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