Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seattle by way of Grand Junction

I just got back from my second "unexpected" business trip in a week, and once again we've gone to an amazing place I've never been before and I didn't see much more than the inside of the plane, the car or the meeting room! But.... I was able to snap some photos with my little digital camera and some turned out pretty nice. I think this may be the beginning of a new photo collection for me, photos taken from inside an airplane!

As you may know, I currently live in Houston, but I grew up in Maryland and went to high school and college in Tennessee. All of my domestic travels have been up and down the country and all along the eastern seaboard, so getting to see even just snippets of the western half of the US is amazing to me.

Our meeting was in Seattle, but we stopped in Grand Junction, Colorado to refuel along the way.

Gorgeous early morning backdrop to our refueling stop in Grand Junction, Colorado.

When I boarded the plane in Houston, the air was muggy and hot (even at 6:00 in the morning), but when we stepped off in Colorado, the air was so cool and crisp, and the mountains so beautiful! I never considered vacationing in Colorado before, I've always been a beachy/sea shore type person, but all it took was one moment of actually being there to understand. Colorado has not only been added to my list of places to explore, but it's been bumped to the top of the list.

Utah from above was breathtaking as well...

I didn't want to catch any z's b/c the views got more and more spectacular as we crossed over into Washington... 

One of a series of inactive volcanoes we flew over.

Seattle did not disappoint either; gorgeous tall trees and lush green everywhere, and of course, it's on the water (which I love). I didn't get the opportunity to take any decent photos, but it was pretty much as I imagined it, a bit overcast, but cool and breezy with a laid back vibe. Driving the curvy back roads to our meeting in Issaquah made me a bit homesick for the NE corner of TN where I went to school... and with that I add another destination to my list!

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